Horse Fencing: What To Look For

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When it comes to buying new fencing for horses, some may simply opt for what is the most economically sound investment. It is best, however, to consider a few important factors before purchasing or building new fencing for horses. While staying within a budget is certainly understandable, the safety of the horses themselves as well as the quality of materials being used should be considered. Here are a few tips on what to consider when it comes time for new horse fencing. 


Safety should be the first priority when it comes to proper horse fencing. The fencing itself should be highly visible to the horses to prevent them from running past it by mistake. Having a highly visible fence will also prove effective for nearby vehicles as well. While a stark white may be preferred, many other color options exist that will still give the fence excellent visibility. Another factor when it comes to safety is that the fence will not harm the horses if accidentally grazed or touched. Inspections should regularly be made to check for issues such as exposed wiring or splintered wood which can prove dangerous for horses. 


Durability is another important factor when it comes to horse fencing. Opting for the inclusion of mesh incorporated into the rest of the fencing will ensure the safest possible fencing for one's horses. This additional layer of materials will provide extra durability and structure to the fencing, extending its lifetime. If wood is chosen as a main component of the fencing, it is best to choose a weather-proof seal. This finish will not only protect the wood and make it last longer but will provide a strong shield against inclement weather such as harsh rain, hail, and snow. A highly durable fence will also give the owner much-needed peace of mind knowing their horses are enclosed within a secure perimeter. 

While there are countless options when it comes to choosing the exact materials and types of horse fencing, these basic tips will certainly prove useful for both owner and horse. Not only will the safety of the horse be considered above all else, but a strong emphasis on quality materials will allow for the owner to get the most out of their fencing. Even inclement weather will not be a worry as proper fencing can certainly protect against it. Horses will be securely enclosed within the fencing that will last for years and prove to be a fantastic investment for the future. 

For help with building or designing horse fencing, contact a local agricultural equipment supplier.