An Automatic Horse Waterer Makes It Easier To Provide Fresh, Clean Water To Your Horse

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An adult horse needs several gallons of water each day. Not only that, but the water needs to be clean and fresh. Providing enough fresh water can be a big chore, especially if you have more than one horse. That's why you should consider getting an automatic horse waterer. Here are some benefits of automatic horse waterers and options in types of waterers.

How An Automatic Horse Waterer Is Helpful

An automatic waterer is beneficial during all seasons of the year. In the summer, water can get warm and stagnant in a traditional watering trough. However, with an automatic system, the horse drinks fresh water each time since the waterer triggers fresh water from a hose to fill the bowl. This keeps the water healthy and fresh so your horse will drink enough water to withstand the summer heat.

In the winter, a typical water trough has problems with freezing. Since a waterer has a frequent flow of fresh water, the system won't freeze as easily. This ensures your horse has drinking water in very cold weather. An automatic waterer helps you too since you won't have to carry buckets of water to your horse's stall. Instead, you can mount a waterer to the stall, and it will provide a steady stream of fresh water when your horse needs it.

What To Expect When You Shop For A Waterer

There are several types of automatic horse waterers, and they can be inexpensive or cost hundreds of dollars. Many are shaped like large basins that you attach to the wall of the stall, barn, or fence. These are kept filled with water by an attached hose. The water fills due to a float valve so the water stays constant at all times, even when the horse is drinking.

The watering bowls come in different sizes and hold different amounts of water. They can be mounted at different heights, so you can use one for any size horse you have. There are also larger tank models and waterers that look like pipes that rise from the ground. Some waterers have a pedal in them the horse operates by pushing against the pedal with their nose. This action cause water to be released while the horse is drinking and then shut off when the horse releases the pedal.

Automatic horse waterers are made from nylon, plastic, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. Since water doesn't get stagnant in them, they are easy to keep clean and sanitary. They are also easy to install since you can simply bolt one to a post and hook it up to a hose. An automatic waterer gives you peace of mind your horse will have a fresh supply of water. However, you'll want to check the waterer regularly to make sure it is operating properly.

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