From Garden To Market

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Harvested crops that will be featured at some local markets will require adequate storage prior to and during transport operations. A structure that vegetables and fruits will be stored in should be temperature-regulated and should be protected from the elements.

A Structure

A storage bin or a building that contains a roof will provide adequate protection for a series of crops. A large-scale farming business may be in need of multiple storage units that will allow a farmer to separate crops. Many agricultural building suppliers sell building kits and prefabricated storage aids that can be used to create a makeshift area to temporarily store items. The structure will prevent crops from freezing or coming into contact with contaminants.

A digital temperature and humidity gauge can be used to monitor the condition of the crops that are stored within a structure. If a prefabricated storage solution is being sought, an agricultural property owner should consider the placement of the structure and the manner in which crops will retain their freshness. An irrigation system that is within close proximity to a storage bin or building will allow a crop owner to adequately water crops as needed.

Portable Units

A portable cart may contain a cage-like surface, metal shelves, and a metal frame. This type of cart can be used to transport products to retail shops. A cart that contains a metal mesh covering will provide stored crops with adequate ventilation. If crops will be transported a long distance, a delivery driver can spray the crops with water as needed. Some retail storage carts that are designed for transporting crops will contain separate storage chambers that lock.

Crops can be classified and set up inside each storage area. The locking mechanism will protect the crops from theft. When shopping for a cart, an agricultural business owner should look for products that are resistant to the elements. A crop cart may contain drain bins and a galvanized coating. A drain bin will collect excess water that drips off of the crops. A galvanized coating will protect exposed metal from corrosion.

If a business owner will be selling retail products themselves, they may want to invest in multiple carts that they can set up within the retail setting where sales will be conducted. Carts will keep all of the crops neatly contained. The carts will also make it easy for customers to locate the products that they are interested in purchasing.

Reach out to a local retail storage service provider to learn more.