What Are Some Benefits Of A Manure Separation System?

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If you own a dairy farm or other type of large livestock facility, you know you have to deal with daily manure. This is a major job for a large-scale livestock operation. The simple removal of manure on a daily basis is a full-time job. Not only does the manure need to be removed, but it also has to be relocated elsewhere. Livestock manure has many benefits that you should be taking advantage of, so you do not necessarily want to throw it away. However, you need to deal with it thoughtfully. Manure separation equipment can be a great benefit when you need to move manure around on your farm:

You Can Create Bedding Material

If you are currently utilizing sawdust or some other type of organic bedding material, utilizing a manure-separating system can allow you to create bedding yourself using free existing material you already have. Separated manure can either be mixed with other bedding materials you have or used independently. If you want to solely use separated manure as bedding material, you need a bedding dryer as part of the separation system to reduce bacteria and moisture.

You Can Simplify Moving the Manure

Processing manure can be challenging to deal with. Not only do you have to physically move manure, but you have to keep an eye out for any foreign material in the manure. You may find long pieces of string, ear tags, or anything else that may be in the manure. Any foreign material in manure can cause problems on a pumping system or waterway. When you have a manure-separating system, you can filter out foreign materials easily. Once the materials are removed, you can transfer the remaining manure into a facility or truck to reposition elsewhere on your farm.

You Can Recycle Water

When you separate the manure, you can use the supernatant, or the clean liquid portion of the manure, for different uses around your facility. You can use the water to clean cow lanes or flush holding areas. You do not have to worry about using all the water from your ponds or lagoons or pumping water in from another resource.

You can also reduce the need to add additional water sources, such as ponds or lagoons. Keep in mind this water is for non-ingestible uses. The animals should not be used in the water source for the animals.

Reach out to manure separation equipment retailers to learn more.